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Introduction of equipment manufacturing – FA production line of ITMC

Aimed at optimizing the need for automation

“Automation” not only contributes to the pursuit of efficiency, but also enhances functionality through intelligence and creates a comfortable, harmonious working environment with everyone. The main responsibility of a system integrator is how to combine different industries. ITMC opens up new potential areas by promoting the harmony between the most advanced technology and accumulated auto assembly technology. We are committed to developing FA (Factory Automation) technology to benefit the industry and drive manufacturing innovation. The current fields that we have now include automation needs

Automated assembly machines: Along with the trend of labor saving, rationalization and automation of enterprises. We carry out the production of machinery equipment from design, production to final adjustment consistently without distinguishing mechanical and electrical (including control).
Types of automated testing machines: based on the electronic application technology we have developed over the years, combined with information processing technology and communication network usage, promoting experiences ITMC, we have met a wide range of customer needs.
Types of automatic transporting machines: we offer comprehensive recommendations from inspection, design, manufacturing to the installation of automatic transporting machines, solving customer problems with the necessary equipment. uniquely transported. Transporters designed and manufactured in our company are helping to improve productivity in a variety of processes. We combine conveyors, cylinders, sensors, etc., to provide transport equipment according to the application.
Industrial robot systems: We develop automatic equipment, robots, etc., to save labor costs and improve the efficiency of production systems, starting with equipment for the automobile industry. semiconductor devices, liquid crystal devices and FA control systems. At ITMC we will propose the most optimal FA system after considering safety, price, and quality.
Designing, manufacturing equipment and automated production lines at ITMC is the best choice for you
Prestige and top quality with experience working with more than 150 customers from markets that require the highest standards such as Japan and the US.
Working motto “ITMC brings the best to customers”, the products you receive are always the best quality.
Customer service always ensures quick – accurate – dedicated criteria 24/7 at every stage to create the trust and absolute satisfaction from customers.
Reasonable cost competitive with the market

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