Design and manufacturing of JIG

Introduction of design and manufacturing of Jigs (JIG)

With many years of experience in Jigs design and manufacturing, ITMC always provides customers with the most optimal Jigs design and meet the precision and technology required. We can manufacture according to the requirements and designs of customers such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda …, In addition we will design Jigs based on customer ideas to match for parts that need to be process. We currently offer Jigs such as: drilling jigs, milling jigs, assembly jigs, jigs for testing, welding jigs, quick assembly jigs …

We are proud of the fact that we are the leading company in Vietnam specializing in providing and designing jigs – jigs for processing and manufacturing. With experience working with more than 150 partners, 99% come from the most fastidious markets like Japan and the US. Processed products that provide for customers are always the most perfect.

Design and manufacture Jigs at ITMC is the best option for you.

Bring customers the prestige and high quality with experience working with more than 150 customers from markets that require the highest standards such as Japan and the US.

Working motto “ITMC brings the best to customers”, the product that you receive is always the best.

Customer service always ensures quick – accurate – devoted 24/7 in every process to create the trust and absolute satisfaction from customers.
Reasonable price and competitive.

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☎️ Tel: (028) 73 095 779
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